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Saturn and His Anses
For Saturn alone stands apart from the pattern of the remaining celestial bodies, and shows so many discrepant phases, that hitherto it has been doubted whether it is a globe connected to two smallerExpand
Hydrolysis-precipitation studies of aluminum (III) solutions. 2. A kinetic study and model
The hydrolysis-precipitation process of Al(OH)3 from acidified aluminum nitrate and chloride solutions was studied with a homogeneous alkali injection technique. In these studies the total Al(III)Expand
The beginnings, from Lipperhey to Huygens and Cassini
The first century of telescopic astronomy can be divided into two periods. During the first, from 1609 to ca. 1640, observations were made with a simple “Dutch” or “Galilean” telescope with a concaveExpand
title RIASSUNTO /title L'Autore fornisce una panoramica dello sviluppo del cos detto telescopio astronomico considerandone la prima descrizione teorica fatta dal Keplero nel 1611 sino alla generaleExpand
Measuring the Universe: Cosmic Dimensions from Aristarchus to Halley
Measuring the Universe is the first history of the evolution of cosmic dimensions, from the work of Eratosthenes and Aristarchus in the third century B.C. to the efforts of Edmond HalleyExpand