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Digital platform ecosystems
This Fundamentals article first synthesize research on digital platforms and digital platform ecosystems to provide a definition that integrates both concepts, and uses this definition to explain how differentdigital platform ecosystems vary according to three core building blocks.
Multiple-Case Analysis on Governance Mechanisms of Multi-Sided Platforms
The concept of multi-sided platforms (MSPs) plays an important role in the environment of companies with internet-based business models. In the recent years several new platforms emerged and
User Roles on Peer-to-Peer Sharing Platforms: A Critical Review of the Literature and Recommended Remedies
This study reviews existing literature and identifies flaws in terminology and conceptualization of user roles and in applied measurement approaches, and proposes a research agenda to study the role of the prosumer, why different user roles lead to differences in constructs, and how the transition ofuser roles takes place.
Systematic Integration of Variability into Product Line Architecture Design
This paper promotes variability as an architectural driver, embeds variability requirements in the architecture design framework "Quality-Driven Software Architecting" (QUASAR), and gives guidelines and examples for documenting variability in architectural views.
Value co-creation practices in business-to-business platform ecosystems
A multiple case study in the context of emerging Internet of things (IoT) platforms highlights that B2B platforms follow three standardized value co-creation practices, showing how platforms leverage different boundary resources in a process of standardization to develop a scalable infrastructure.
Modeling and Using Product Line Variability in Automotive Systems
The authors discuss the value of variability in product lines and describe their approach to modeling and using variability, which evolved from their work at Bosch.
A Case Study in Applying a Product Line Approach for Car Periphery Supervision Systems
The experiences and results obtained from a case study in developing a product line of CPS systems are reported on to report on the need to develop more integrated and flexible multi-functional systems quickly and cost-effectively.
Introducing platform ecosystem resilience: leveraging mobility platforms and their ecosystems for the new normal during COVID-19
ABSTRACT COVID-19 has created many constraint-related challenges for humans in general and organisations in particular. Specifically, businesses that require physical contact, such as mobility