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Introduction to Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis: A Regression-Based Approach
Part I: Fundamental Concepts. Introduction. A Scientist in Training. Questions of Whether, If, How, and When. Conditional Process Analysis. Correlation, Causality, and Statistical Modeling.Expand
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Asymptotic and resampling strategies for assessing and comparing indirect effects in multiple mediator models
Hypotheses involving mediation are common in the behavioral sciences. Mediation exists when a predictor affects a dependent variable indirectly through at least one intervening variable, or mediator.Expand
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SPSS and SAS procedures for estimating indirect effects in simple mediation models
  • K. Preacher, A. Hayes
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Behavior research methods, instruments…
  • 1 November 2004
Researchers often conduct mediation analysis in order to indirectly assess the effect of a proposed cause on some outcome through a proposed mediator. The utility of mediation analysis stems from itsExpand
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Beyond Baron and Kenny: Statistical Mediation Analysis in the New Millennium
Understanding communication processes is the goal of most communication researchers. Rarely are we satisfied merely ascertaining whether messages have an effect on some outcome of focus in a specif...
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PROCESS : A Versatile Computational Tool for Observed Variable Mediation , Moderation , and Conditional Process Modeling 1
Statistical mediation and moderation analysis are widespread throughout the behavioral sciences. Increasingly, these methods are being integrated in the form of the analysis of ―mediated moderation‖Expand
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Addressing Moderated Mediation Hypotheses: Theory, Methods, and Prescriptions
This article provides researchers with a guide to properly construe and conduct analyses of conditional indirect effects, commonly known as moderated mediation effects. Expand
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Answering the Call for a Standard Reliability Measure for Coding Data
We propose Krippendorff's alpha as the standard measure of reliability in content analysis and similar data-making efforts. Expand
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An Index and Test of Linear Moderated Mediation
  • A. Hayes
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Multivariate behavioral research
  • 2 January 2015
I describe a test of linear moderated mediation in path analysis based on an interval estimate of the parameter of a function linking the indirect effect to values of a moderator—a parameter that IExpand
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Statistical mediation analysis with a multicategorical independent variable.
  • A. Hayes, K. Preacher
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The British journal of mathematical and…
  • 1 November 2014
Virtually all discussions and applications of statistical mediation analysis have been based on the condition that the independent variable is dichotomous or continuous, even though investigatorsExpand
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Computational procedures for probing interactions in OLS and logistic regression: SPSS and SAS implementations
This article describes the familiar pick-a-point approach and the much less familiar Johnson-Neyman technique for probing interactions in linear models and introduces macros for SPSS and SAS to simplify the computations and facilitate the probing of interactions. Expand
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