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BIOME3: An equilibrium terrestrial biosphere model based on ecophysiological constraints, resource availability, and competition among plant functional types
The equilibrium terrestrial biosphere model BIOME3 simulates vegetation distribution and biogeochemistry, and couples vegetation distribution directly to biogeochemistry. Model inputs consist ofExpand
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An integrated biosphere model of land surface processes
Here we present a new terrestrial biosphere model (the Integrated Biosphere Simulator - IBIS) which demonstrates how land surface biophysics, terrestrial carbon fluxes, and global vegetation dynamicsExpand
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Growing Grassroots Innovations: Exploring the Role of Community-Based Initiatives in Governing Sustainable Energy Transitions
The challenges of sustainable development (and climate change and peak oil, in particular) demand system-wide transformations in sociotechnical systems of provision. An academic literature aroundExpand
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A transitions model for sustainable mobility
This paper reports on the development of a model for assessing transitions to sustainable mobility. Expand
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Methane flux from northern wetlands and tundra : An ecosystem source modelling approach
The magnitude and geographical distribution of natural sources and sinks of atmospheric CH 4 in the biosphere are still poorly known. Estimates of the net contribution from northern wetlands haveExpand
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Transformative social innovation and (dis)empowerment
This article responds to increasing public and academic discourses on social innovation, which often rest on the assumption that social innovation can drive societal change and empower actors to dealExpand
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Transitions for the People: Theory and Practice of ‘Transition’ and ‘Resilience’ in the UK’s Transition Movement
This paper presents an exploratory case study of a new community-led sustainability initiative in the UK called the Transition movement. In recent months Transition movement groups have appeared in aExpand
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Elucidating the changing roles of civil society in urban sustainability transitions
Understanding the diversifying role of civil society in Europe’s sustainability pathway is a valid proposition both scientifically and socially. Civil society organisations already play a significantExpand
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Possible role of atmosphere-biosphere interactions in triggering the last glaciation
We coupled a global biome model iteratively with an atmospheric general circulation model to study the possible role of vegetation in the climate system, at the time of glacial inception 115,000Expand
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