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Interstitial oxygen in zinc oxide single crystals
Irradiation of zinc oxide single crystals with 2.5 MeV electrons produces both interstitial ions and vacancies. By means of ESR measurements oxygen ions on interstitial sites with tetrahedral andExpand
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Eating disorders in men: Current features and childhood factors
BACKGROUND: Disturbed interactions with one’s body and with other persons are two major features in eating disorders. This study was designed to assess current and childhood characteristics ofExpand
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Eigenstörstellen in elektronenbestrahltem Zinkoxid
The ESR of zinc oxide single crystals irradiated with 6 × 1018 electrons/cm2 consists of five spectra resulting from interstitial oxygen ions and from holes trapped at zinc vacancies. IrradiationExpand
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[«The child is father of the man» - review of literature on epidemiology in child and adolescent psychiatry].
One of the goals of epidemiological research is to describe the frequency and patterns in the distribution of diseases among certain groups of a statistical population. According to the literatureExpand
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Depression in Patients with Schizophrenia
Depression is a common comorbid syndrome in patients with schizophrenia. A review of the literature highlights the multitude of different expressions used to describe depression in this context. ThisExpand
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Paramagnetic resonance of ZnO:Mn++ single crystals
Abstract ZnO single crystals doped with Mn ++ have been investigated by ESR at 9.5 and 35 kMc/s. The measured spectra show minimal linewidth of 0.25 G. The resonances can theoretically be describedExpand
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[Women seek for help - men die! Is depression really a female disease?].
Prevalence rates of depression in females are about two to three times higher as compared to men. Biological evidence seems to support these data. Genderspecific suiciderates, closely linked toExpand
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[Are there substantial reasons for contraindicating antidepressants in bipolar disorder? Part II: facts or artefacts?].
After having dedicated the first part of this article to the prevalence and impact of depressive symptoms in the context of bipolar disorders, the authors now delineate advantages and disadvantagesExpand
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Electron spin resonance of divalent copper in zinc oxide
Abstract ESR of divalent copper ions has been investigated in well grown zinc oxide single crystals. The resonances appear at 15°K. The linewidth is reduced by a factor of about twenty as compared toExpand
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[Child and adolescent bipolar disorder].
The onset of bipolar disorders before the age of 10 is rare. First manifestation occurs most frequently between the age of 15 to 30. Children of a parent with bipolar disorder are at a fivefold riskExpand
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