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Die Gattung Conocybe in Finnland
In all 56 taxa of the genus Conocybe are presented from Finland. One variety, Cono­ cybe hornana var. subcylindrospora, is described as new. Besides, C. ambigua, C. anthracophila, C. bispora, C.Expand
Conocybe karinae, eine neue Art der Sektion Candidae (Bolbitiaceae, Agaricales) aus dem Ökologisch-Botanischen Garten der Universität Bayreuth
Conocybe karinae. a species of sect. Candidae with extremely small spores is described as new; for this taxon. the new series Karinae is erected. Microscopical drawings and a colour plate are given.Expand
Schwarzhütige Conocybe-Arten
Three new taxa of the genus Conocybe with blackish to black pileus centre are described: C. nigrodisca, C. pilosella var. brunneonigra, and C. moseri var. bisporigera. Their delimitation againstExpand
Conocybe nigrescens : eine neue Art der Sektion Pilosellae
Conocybe nigrescens, a species of sect. Pilosellae close to C. moseri, is described as new. Microscopical drawings and a colour plate are given. The differentiating characters to C. moseri areExpand
Notes onPsathyrella dunensis (Coprinaceae)
Psathyrella dunensisKits van Waveren, so far only known from the type locality in the Netherlands, was found in E. Austria and is more fully described. New information about its macro- andExpand
Ein interesanter Fund von Marasmiellus omphaliformis aus Italien.
Hausknecht A. and Zuccherelli A. (1996): An interesting find of Marasmiellus omphali­ formis from Italy Czech Mycol. 48: 257-260 Marasmiellus omphaliformis (Kühn.) Noordel., a very rare speciesExpand