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Cross-domain video concept detection using adaptive svms
Many multimedia applications can benefit from techniques for adapting existing classifiers to data with different distributions. One example is cross-domain video concept detection which aims toExpand
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Large-scale concept ontology for multimedia
As increasingly powerful techniques emerge for machine tagging multimedia content, it becomes ever more important to standardize the underlying vocabularies. Doing so provides interoperability andExpand
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Person Re-identification: Past, Present and Future
Person re-identification (re-ID) has become increasingly popular in the community due to its application and research significance. It aims at spotting a person of interest in other cameras. In theExpand
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Practical elimination of near-duplicates from web video search
Current web video search results rely exclusively on text keywords or user-supplied tags. A search on typical popular video often returns many duplicate and near-duplicate videos in the top results.Expand
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Evaluating bag-of-visual-words representations in scene classification
Based on keypoints extracted as salient image patches, an image can be described as a "bag of visual words" and this representation has been used in scene classification. The choice of dimension,Expand
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Infrared Patch-Image Model for Small Target Detection in a Single Image
The robust detection of small targets is one of the key techniques in infrared search and tracking applications. A novel small target detection method in a single infrared image is proposed in thisExpand
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A discriminative CNN video representation for event detection
In this paper, we propose a discriminative video representation for event detection over a large scale video dataset when only limited hardware resources are available. The focus of this paper is toExpand
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MoSIFT: Recognizing Human Actions in Surveillance Videos
The goal of this paper is to build robust human action recognition for real world surveillance videos. Local spatio-temporal features around interest points provide compact but descriptiveExpand
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Beyond Gaussian Pyramid: Multi-skip Feature Stacking for action recognition
Most state-of-the-art action feature extractors involve differential operators, which act as highpass filters and tend to attenuate low frequency action information. This attenuation introduces biasExpand
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Easy Samples First: Self-paced Reranking for Zero-Example Multimedia Search
Reranking has been a focal technique in multimedia retrieval due to its efficacy in improving initial retrieval results. Current reranking methods, however, mainly rely on the heuristic weighting. InExpand
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