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Characterization of Power-to-Phase Conversion in High-Speed P-I-N Photodiodes
Fluctuations of the optical power incident on a photodiode can be converted into phase fluctuations of the resulting electronic signal due to nonlinear saturation in the semiconductor. This impactsExpand
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Operation of an optically coherent frequency comb outside the metrology lab.
We demonstrate a self-referenced fiber frequency comb that can operate outside the well-controlled optical laboratory. The frequency comb has residual optical linewidths of < 1 Hz, sub-radianExpand
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Noise figure vs. PM noise measurements: a study at microwave frequencies
This paper addresses two issues: (i) it compares the usefulness of phase-modulation (PM) noise measurements vs. noise figure (NF) measurements in characterizing the merit of an amplifier, and (ii) itExpand
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Photonic microwave generation with high-power photodiodes
Using modified uni-travelling carrier photodiodes that exhibit high linearity at high photocurrent we have generated a 10 GHz microwave carrier via optical frequency division with sub 500 attosecondExpand
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Low-noise x-band oscillator and amplifier technologies: comparison and status
  • D. Howe, A. Hati
  • Physics, Engineering
  • Proceedings of the IEEE International Frequency…
  • 31 August 2005
This study compares the phase noise of different classes of oscillators and amplifiers that work at X-band. Best-in-class results are presented based on recent measurements at NIST. In particular,Expand
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High spectral purity microwave oscillator: design using conventional air-dielectric cavity
We report exceptionally low PM noise levels from a microwave oscillator that uses a conventional air-dielectric cavity resonator as a frequency discriminator. Our approach is to increase theExpand
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Merits of PM noise measurement over noise figure: a study at microwave frequencies
This paper primarily addresses the usefulness of phase-modulation (PM) noise measurements versus noise figure (NF) measurements in characterizing the merit of an amplifier. The residual broadbandExpand
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Vibration-Induced PM Noise in Oscillators and Its Suppression
High-precision oscillators have significant applications in modern communication and navigation systems, radars, and sensors mounted in unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, missiles, and otherExpand
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Microwave Optoelectronic Oscillator with Optical Gain
Optoelectronic oscillators (OEO) are unique compared to radio-frequency (RF) oscillators in that they do not fundamentally require a RF gain element in order to satisfy the amplitude thresholdExpand
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Phase detector for data-clock recovery circuit
A new type of phase detector which can be used in data-clock recovery circuits is reported. The main feature of the proposed phase detector is that it is free front data dependent jitter, which isExpand
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