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In vitro snake venom detoxifying action of the leaf extract of Guiera senegalensis.
The extract of the leaves of Guiera senegalensis was found to detoxify (in vitro) venom from two common northern Nigerian snake species, Echis carinatus and Naja nigricollis, in separate experiments.Expand
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Studies on the use of Zizyphus spina-christi against pain in rats and mice
Zizyphus spina-christi (Rhamnaceae) grows wild in tropical Africa and Asia and can be domesticated. It has folkloric usage in pain related ailments throughout these regions. In view of the claimedExpand
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In vivo antiplasmodial activity of ZS-2A: a fraction from chloroform extract of Zizyphus spina-christi root bark against Plasmodium berghei berghei in mice
Zizyphus spina-christi is used in ethnomedical practice for the treatment of fever. Bio-assay guided investigation of the plant’s root bark was initiated and ZS-2A, a fraction from the chloroformExpand
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Preliminary phytochemical and antimicrobial investigations of leaf extracts of Ochna schweinfurthiana (Ochnaceae).
The antimicrobial activity of the acetone and methanol extracts of the leaves of Ochna schweinfurthiana F Hoffm (Ochnaceae) obtained through maceration was evaluated using disc diffusion and NutrientExpand
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The repellant and antifeedant properties of Cyperus articulatus against Tribolium casteneum Hbst.
Cyperus articulatus is an insect repellant plant commonly found in Northern Nigeria and used traditionally in pest control. The light petroleum and methanol extracts of the plant's rhizome wereExpand
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In Vivo Antisnake Venom Activity Of A Furanoid Diterpene From Aristolochia Albida Duch (Aristolochiaceae)
The antisnsake venom activity of a furanoid diterpene lactone isolated from the rhizome of Aristolochia albida (Family : Aristolochiaceae) was evaluated. The Whole animal (in vivo) studies wereExpand
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Accuracy of diagnosis of urinary schistosomiasis: Comparison of parasitological and a monoclonal antibody-based dipstick method
Abstract The sensitivity of a dipstick-ELISA for urinary schistosomiasis was evaluated alongside microscopy. Out of 155 subjects screened, 28 (18.1%) had symptoms (hematuria and/or painfulExpand
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Depressant and anticonvulsant properties of the root decoction of Afrormosia laxiflora (Leguminosae)
  • A. Haruna
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  • 1 February 2000
The lyophilized root decoction of Afrormosia laxiflora (Leguminosae), claimed to be beneficial in epilepsy and psychosis, was screened for depressant and anticonvulsant activities using in vivoExpand
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Quality Assessment of Artemisinin-Based Drugs Marketed and Used In Maiduguri Metropolitan Council Borno State, Nigeria
The experiment involves quality analysis of six (6) samples of Antimalarial drug (Artemisinin-based combination) using ultra violet spectrophotometer in the range of (200-400nm) in which the samplesExpand
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Phytochemical, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of the ethylacetate extract of the leaves of Pseudocedrella kotschyii.
Phytochemical screening was carried out on the ethylacetate portion of the ethanolic extract of the leaves of Pseudocedrella kotschyii and then evaluated for its analgesic (acetic acid-inducedExpand
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