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Towards Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities
Online community sites have replaced the traditional means of keeping a community informed via libraries and publishing. At present, online communities are islands that are not interlinked. WeExpand
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Optimized index structures for querying RDF from the Web
  • A. Harth, S. Decker
  • Computer Science
  • Third Latin American Web Congress (LA-WEB')
  • 31 October 2005
Storing and querying resource description framework (RDF) data is one of the basic tasks within any semantic Web application. A number of storage systems provide assistance for this task. However,Expand
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Searching and browsing Linked Data with SWSE: The Semantic Web Search Engine
In this paper, we discuss the architecture and implementation of the Semantic Web Search Engine (SWSE). Following traditional search engine architecture, SWSE consists of crawling, data enhancing,Expand
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Data summaries for on-demand queries over linked data
Typical approaches for querying structured Web Data collect (crawl) and pre-process (index) large amounts of data in a central data repository before allowing for query answering. However, thisExpand
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An empirical survey of Linked Data conformance
There has been a recent, tangible growth in RDF published on the Web in accordance with the Linked Data principles and best practices, the result of which has been dubbed the ''Web of Data''. LinkedExpand
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YARS2: A Federated Repository for Querying Graph Structured Data from the Web
We present the architecture of an end-to-end semantic search engine that uses a graph data model to enable interactive query answering over structured and interlinked data collected from manyExpand
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Weaving the Pedantic Web
Over a decade after RDF has been published as a W3C recommendation, publishing open and machine-readable content on the Web has recently received a lot more attention, including from corporate andExpand
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LDspider: An Open-source Crawling Framework for the Web of Linked Data
The Web of Linked Data is growing and currently consists of several hundred interconnected data sources altogether serving over 25 billion RDF triples to the Web. What has hampered the exploitationExpand
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Comparing data summaries for processing live queries over Linked Data
A growing amount of Linked Data—graph-structured data accessible at sources distributed across the Web—enables advanced data integration and decision-making applications. Typical systems operating onExpand
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CumulusRDF: Linked Data Management on Nested Key-Value Stores
Publishers of Linked Data require scalable storage and retrieval infras- tructure due to the size of datasets and potentially high rate of lookups on popular sites. In this paper we investigate theExpand
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