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Definition of Ideology
As we argued earlier, one of the most important contributions of Althusser to the general theory of Marxism is the revitalization of the notion of ideology. Karl Marx himself rarely used the wordExpand
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Introduction: Critique of Political Economy
Concentrating on the context of the colonisation, evangelisation and modernisation of Peru, this paper will show how preHispanic monist, materialist, communist and collectivist conceptions of theExpand
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Introduction: 50 Years After May 68
Interview with Moishe Postone: That Capital has limits does not mean that it will collapse
forms of domination. Q: Just one point, connected to this. Would you say: there have been certain accounts of newer student movements, like the occupy movement, where people emphasized that aExpand
Camera as an Ideological Apparatus
Let me begin an analysis with the typical film theory perspective of the 1970s: camera as a cinematic apparatus. The French film theory of the 1970s was highly inspired by Althusser and the apparatusExpand
Interview with Mladen Dolar: Dialectic at a Standstill? Hegel at the Times of COVID
The lockdown was on the one hand like a sudden emergence of communism: we could be fishermen in the morning and the critical critics in the evening, there was suddenly a lot of free time at hand toExpand
Class Struggle Versus Humanity
Italy was a poor country, which transformed from fascism into an industrialized nation. Pasolini lived his whole life outside of this culture and he was never part of it, but attached himself to theExpand