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Suppression of virulence factors of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by erythromycin.
The effects of erythromycin stearate over a concentration range of 0.1-10 mg/l on production of elastase, protease and leucocidin by clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa were investigated.Expand
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Contribution of interferon γ and membrane‐associated interleukin 1 to the resistance to murine typhoid of Ity r mice
Resistance of mice to Salmonella, typhimurium in the early phase of infection is known to be controlled by the expression of chromosome 1 locus Ity. To clarify the mechanism by which the geneticallyExpand
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Alterations of Host Resistance to Mouse Typhoid Infection by Sex Hormones
The effect on mouse typhoid infection of a 3‐day treatment of female virgin mice with 1 mg/day of female sex hormones (estrogen or progesterone), maintaining the same hormonal levels observed inExpand
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Hepatotoxic activity of Campylobacter jejuni.
Hepatotoxic factor(s) were isolated from whole-cell lysates of Campylobacter jejuni GIFU 8734 and purified by chromatography. A single intravenous injection of 10 micrograms of this factorExpand
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Biological functions of mouse seminal vesicle fluid. II. Role of water-soluble fraction of seminal vesicle fluid as a nonspecific immunomodulator.
The suppressive mechanisms of T cells induced by water-soluble fraction of mouse seminal vesicle fluid (WSF-SVF) were investigated to clarify its immunological roles in the reproductive immunity.Expand
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Virulence of transparent and opaque colony types of Neisseria gonorrhoeae for the genital tract of mice.
The virulence of transparent (Tr) and opaque (Op) colony types of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in the genital tract of female mice was evaluated at two stages of oestrous. Isogenic pairs of Tr and OpExpand
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Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in untreated Alzheimer’s disease patients
Background:  To ascertain the prevalence of psychotic symptoms and behavioral disturbances of dementia patients is useful for families and health care professionals in order to anticipate theExpand
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Nonspecific stimulation of host defense by Corynebacterium kutscheri. II. Isolation of the active moiety.
The isolation and determination of biological activities of the active component of Corynebacterium kutscheri were attempted in the present investigation. The antitumor effect was confined to theExpand
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Combination therapy with galantamine and memantine improves behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) in patients with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease
  • Atsushi Hamuro
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • The Australian and New Zealand journal of…
  • 1 June 2013
I report herein the case of a 53-yearold female Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patient who showed improvements in behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) following pharmacotherapy.Expand
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Nonspecific stimulation of host defense by Corynebacterium kutscheri. I. Antitumor effect.
The effect of local injection of formalin-killed Corynebacterium kutscheri (FK.CK) on mouse survival after the intraperitoneal inoculation of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in outbred ddY mice or P388Expand
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