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Patterns of State Interaction with Islamic Movements in Malaysia during the Formative Years of Islamic Resurgence
Unlike many Middle Eastern states which have unequivocally resorted to repression tooutflank Islamist opposition, Malaysia's response to Islamic resurgence since the formativedecade of 1980s hasExpand
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Malay Anti-Colonialism in British Malaya A Re-appraisal of Independence Fighters of Peninsular Malaysia
The debate which arose between the ruling United Malays National Organization (UMNO) and the opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) in early September 2005, concerning the history of Malaysia'sExpand
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Islam and violence in Malaysia
In Malaysia, violence related to Islam has been the exception rather than the rule. Aversion towards violence among Malaysian Muslims traces its roots to a multireligious polity. The state has,Expand
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Islamist Realignments and the Rebranding of the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia
This paper traces changing patterns of Islamism in Malaysia, focusing on developments during Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s final administration (1999–2003) and since Abdullah Ahmad Badawi assumed theExpand
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Islamic Education in Malaysia
Islamic education in Malaysia first recorded its presence during the period of the Malaccan Sultanate (1414–1511). Malacca witnessed the birth of prototype boarding schools known as pondok, literallyExpand
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New Trends of Islamic Resurgence in Contemporary Malaysia: Sufi-Revivalism, Messianism, and Economic Activism
This paper, based on research entitled  "Islamic Resurgence in the Periphery: A Study of Political Islam  in Contemporary Malaysia with Special Reference  to the Darul Arqam Movement 1968-1996"Expand
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Implementing Islamic Law within a Modern Constitutional Framework: Challenges and Problems in Contemporary Malaysia
Abstract Muslim countries in the post-colonial period are faced with the challenge of developing political structures consistent with Islamic teachings. The uniqueness of the task stems from the factExpand
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The Hudud Controversy in Malaysia: Religious Probity or Political Expediency?
2014 will be remembered as a year in which the whole Malaysian nation came together in the wake of the double tragedy involving the national carrier Malaysian Airlines, namely the disappearance ofExpand
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