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Dynamic cycles, ice streams and their impact on the extent, chronology and deglaciation of the British-Irish ice sheet
We present results from a suite of forward transient numerical modelling experiments of the British and Irish Ice Sheet (BIIS), consisting of Scottish, Welsh and Irish accumulation centres, spanningExpand
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Middle and Late Weichselian (Devensian) glaciation history of south-western Norway, North Sea and eastern UK
Data from eastern England, Scotland, the northern North Sea and western Norway have been compiled in order to outline our current knowledge of the Middle and Late Weichselian glacial history of thisExpand
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Cliff-top megaclast deposits of Ireland, a record of extreme waves in the North Atlantic—storms or tsunamis?
Past occurrences of major tsunami in the global record have often been inferred from the presence of megaclast accumulations at significant heights above sea level, which sometimes exhibit aExpand
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Distribution, geomorphology and lithofacies of cliff-top storm deposits: Examples from the high-energy coasts of Scotland and Ireland
Abstract Cliff-top storm deposits (CTSDs) occur on cliffs at elevations of up to 50 m above sea level at exposed sites on the deep-water coasts of the British Isles. This study examines theExpand
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Modelling the processes of cliff-top erosion and deposition under extreme storm waves
At exposed sites on the deep water coasts of the British Isles, cliff-top storm deposits (CTSDs) occur on cliffs at a variety of elevations above sea level and may occasionally reach up to 50 m aboveExpand
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Deglaciation of the Eurasian ice sheet complex
The Eurasian ice sheet complex (EISC) was the third largest ice mass during the Last Glacial Maximum with a span of over 4500 km and responsible for around 20 m of eustatic sea-level lowering. WhilstExpand
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Cosmogenic 10Be and 26Al exposure ages of tors and erratics, Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland : Timescales for the development of a classic landscape of selective linear glacial erosion
Abstract The occurrence of tors within glaciated regions has been widely cited as evidence for the preservation of relic pre-Quaternary landscapes beneath protective covers of non-erosive dry-basedExpand
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Magnitude and frequency of extra-tropical North Atlantic cyclones: A chronology from cliff-top storm deposits
Cliff-top storm deposits (CTSDs) are known to occur on cliffs at elevations of up to 50 m above sea level at exposed sites on the deep-water coasts of the British Isles. Eye-witness accounts andExpand
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Extent of the last ice sheet in northern Scotland tested with cosmogenic 10Be exposure ages
The extent of the last British–Irish Ice Sheet (BIIS) in northern Scotland is disputed. A restricted ice sheet model holds that at the global Last Glacial Maximum (LGM; ca. 23–19 ka) the BIISExpand
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