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EU–Russia Energy Relations: Aggregation and Aggravation1
Reliance on energy resources is inextricably linked to energy security. Whether dependent upon energy imports or exports, all states, regions and companies strive to reduce the risks associated withExpand
Energy and foreign policy: EU-Russia energy dynamics
This chapter examines the role of energy in foreign policy by focusing on Russia’s decision in 2006 to temporarily stop the flow of natural gas to the Ukraine, along with its impact on EuropeanExpand
Foreign Policy: Theories, Actors, Cases
This ground breaking text provides the ideal introduction to the ever-changing field of foreign policy. With a unique combination of theories, actors and cases in a single volume, the expertExpand
Janus Advances? An Analysis of EC Development Policy and the 2005 Amended Cotonou Partnership Agreement
This article suggests that an inherent duality of poverty-reduction goals and security objectives now typifies EU development policy. The EC is attempting in Janus fashion to incorporate seeminglyExpand
Britain against the world? foreign and security policy in the 'age of Brexit'
Few events demand a wholesale reset of key policies. But Brexit is one of them. The foreign policy challenges arising for both Britain and its European partners are considerable. Foreign policy isExpand
Maple Leaf Zeitgeist? Assessing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Policy Changes*
Abstract In the October 2015 elections, the charismatic Justin Trudeau led the Canadian Liberal Party to its first majority government in 15 years, overturning nearly a decade of conservativeExpand
British foreign policy, national identity, and neoclassical realism
Introduction Chapter 1: Conceptual Foundations: Neoclassical Realism, Foreign Policy Analysis, and National Identity Chapter 2: Analyzing National Identity, National Interests, and Foreign PolicyExpand
Relations with the Rest of the World: From Chaos to Consolidation?
Our 2012 review painted a picture of an EU pulled between a seemingly inexorable series of internal crises, on the one hand, and myriad external demands, on the other (Hadfield and Fiott, 2013). TheExpand
Foreign policies of EU member states: continuity and europeanisation
Foreign Policies of EU Member States provides a clear and current overview of the motivations and outcomes of EU Member States regarding their foreign policy-making within and beyond the EU. ItExpand
Analyzing the EU Refugee Crisis: Humanity, Heritage and Responsibility to Protect
2015 has shaken the EU to its core. Hard upon the heels of geopolitical upheavals in Ukraine, as well as internal battles to define both Eurozone and energy governance, the refugee crisis hasExpand