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Bedload Equation Analysis Using Bed Load-Material Grain Size
Abstract Twelve predictive bedload sediment transport equations are rated against 14 sets of gravel-bed river field data collected by handheld bedload sampler in Narmab River, northeastern Iran. To
Accuracy of mixing models in predicting sediment source contributions.
Quantifying sources of suspended sediment in three size fractions
PurposeIdentifying of the sources, stores and pathways of sediments in a catchment is essential to accurately target management actions designed to reduce sediment delivery to receiving waters.
Understanding the effect of catchment characteristics on suspended sediment dynamics during flood events
Hysteresis in the relationship between suspended sediment concentration and flow during run‐off events is commonly used to inform on sediment sources and hydrological pathways. Less attention,
Interpreting event-based suspended sediment concentration and flow hysteresis patterns
Purpose This study analyses the hysteresis relationship between suspended sediment concentration (SSC) and flow (Q) during runoff events to investigate the effect of hydrological factors and
Using LM‐OSL of quartz to distinguish sediments derived from surface‐soil and channel erosion
This study describes the use of linearly modulated optically stimulated luminescence (LM‐OSL) to distinguish surface‐soil derived sediments from those derived from channel bank erosion. LM‐OSL