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Hot carrier dynamics in plasmonic transition metal nitrides.
Extraction of non-equilibrium hot carriers generated by plasmon decay in metallic nanostructures is an increasingly exciting prospect for utilizing plasmonic losses, but the search for optimumExpand
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Ultrafast Studies of Hot-Hole Dynamics in Au/p-GaN Heterostructures
Harvesting non-equilibrium hot carriers from photo-excited metal nanoparticles has enabled plasmon-driven photochemical transformations and tunable photodetection with resonant nanoantennas. DespiteExpand
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Hot Hole versus Hot Electron Transport at Copper/GaN Heterojunction Interfaces.
Among plasmonic metals, copper (Cu) has great potential for realizing optoelectronic and photoelectrochemical hot carrier devices, owing to its CMOS compatibility and catalytic ability forExpand
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Spin-phonon relaxation in disparate materials from a universal \emph{ab initio} density matrix approach
The design of new quantum materials with long-lived electron spin states requires a general theoretical formalism and computational technique to predict intrinsic spin relaxation times, but currentExpand
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Damage localization in piezo-ceramic using ultrasonic waves excited by dual point contact excitation and detection scheme.
A novel experimental technique based on point contact and Coulomb coupling is devised and optimized for ultrasonic imaging of bulk and guided waves propagation in piezo-ceramics. The Coulomb couplingExpand
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Near-Zero Negative Real Permittivity in Far Ultraviolet: Extending Plasmonics and Photonics with B1-MoNx
CMOS-compatible, refractory conductors are emerging as the materials that will advance novel concepts into real, practical plasmonic technologies. From the available pallet of materials, those withExpand
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Coupled Electromagnetic and Reaction Kinetics Simulation of Super-Resolution Interference Lithography.
Inspired by the ability of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy to circumvent the diffraction barrier, two-color super-resolution interference lithography exploits non-equilibrium kinetics inExpand
Plasmonic hot carriers in transition metal nitrides
Hot-Hole versus Hot-Electron Transport at Cu/ GaN Heterojunction Interfaces
Among all plasmonic metals, copper (Cu) has the greatest potential for realizing optoelectronic and photochemical hot-carrier devices, thanks to its CMOS compatibility and outstanding catalyticExpand