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On the structure of linear graphs
Introduction. If the numbers of vertices and edges of a (linear) graph are suitably restricted, it is to be expected that something can be said about the configurations which the graph contains. As
The Dissection of Rectangles Into Squares
We consider the problem of dividing a rectangle into a finite number of non-overlapping squares, no two of which are equal. A dissection of a rectangle R into a finite number n of non-overlapping
Paracompactness and product spaces
A topological space is called paracompact (see [2 J) if (i) it is a Hausdorff space (satisfying the T2 axiom of [l]), and (ii) every open covering of it can be refined by one which is "locally
Inverse limits of compact spaces
This paper gives conditions under which the inverse limit of a system of compact (but non-Hausdorff) spaces will be non-empty, or compact, or hereditarily compact. The main result (Theorems 3 and 5)
Non-separable Borel sets