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Engaging Jakarta: Excusing Violence
The recently elected Rudd government in Australia has promised a new mode of engagement with the region, but will that be possible if Australia does not reflect on the history of its relations withExpand
Polluting the Waters
In response to an alleged Communist coup in Indonesia on 1 October 1965, ambassadors Sir Keith Shann (Australia), Sir Andrew Gilchrist (United Kingdom), and Marshall Green (United States) initiatedExpand
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Propaganda and complicity, 1965–66
John Burton: Forgotten Mandarin?
John Burton was part of a young generation of talented recruits into the Australian public service during and after the Second World War. This influx was mainly due to the manpower shortages causedExpand
What really happened in Iraq and continues in Afghanistan
The frenzy over 'Wikileaks' has turned into a range of media narratives that often distract from what is contained in the documents. The focus on the alleged criminality of document leaks to anExpand
Gough Whitlam and the politics of universal human rights
ABSTRACT The Gough Whitlam Labor government (1972–1975) was short but synonymous with social and political changes in Australian health, education, citizenship and indigenous policies. These changesExpand
"Living with Ourselves"—Australia and East Timorese Self-Determination, 1973–1979
Abstract:This paper examines Australian attitudes and decisions which undermined East Timorese self-determination between 1973 and 1979—beginning before the illegal Indonesian invasion in 1975 andExpand
Independent Nation: The Evolution of Australian Foreign Policy 1901-1946: Australia, the British Empire and the Origins of Australian-Indonesian Relations
This book traces the evolution of a new independence of thought displayed by the Australian government towards foreign policy, and in particular towards its relations with Indonesia, after the SecondExpand
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Reflections on the Indonesian Massacres in Cold War Historiography and Political Economy
In a previous article for Genocide Studies International (8.2), entitled “Polluting the Waters,” an examination of the anti-communist propaganda campaigns and their relationship to the IndonesianExpand
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