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Readings in Distributed Artificial Intelligence
Most artificial intelligence research investigates intelligent behavior for a single agent--solving problems heuristically, understanding natural language, and so on. Distributed ArtificialExpand
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An Analysis of Problems and Research in DAI
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Distributed Artificial Intelligence
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An information-processing analysis of the functional architecture of the primate neocortex.
  • A. H. Bond
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of theoretical biology
  • 7 March 2004
Working at the systems level of analysis, we will use the term functional architecture to concern what processing components exist, how they are interconnected, and what information-processingExpand
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The Cooperation of Experts in Engineering Design
  • A. H. Bond
  • Computer Science
  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence
  • 3 January 1990
A simple model for collaborative reasoning is proposed that defines a collaboration strategy as a dialogue game, in the context of knowledge-based support for collaboration among different engineering departments. Expand
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A psycholinguistically and neurolinguistically plausible system-level model of natural-language syntax processing
  • A. H. Bond
  • Computer Science
  • Neurocomputing
  • 1 June 2005
We describe a psycholinguistically and neurolinguistically plausible model of natural-language processing by the human brain. Expand
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Socially Intelligent Agents: Creating Relationships With Computers And Robots
This book provides 32 chapters, written by leading SIA researchers, addressing topics such as: social robotics, embodied conversational agents, affective computing, anthropomorphism, narrative and storytelling, multi-agent systems, new technologies for education and therapy, and more. Expand
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A formal approach for product model information
A formal approach to the representation of engineering and CAD information is developed, called EDM. Its intended use includes defining schemas for integrated engineering databases, a normal form forExpand
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Cooperation in aircraft design
We describe how aircraft are designed in a large organization. We discuss the different phases of design and interaction with the customer. We then describe the models used by each specialistExpand
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Describing behavioral states using a system model of the primate brain
  • A. H. Bond
  • Medicine, Biology
  • American journal of primatology
  • 1 December 1999
A system model of the primate neocortex is presented, based mainly on the neuroanatomy of the rhesus macaque monkey and consisting of a set of processing modules arranged as a perception‐actionExpand
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