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PLS regression methods
In this paper we develop the mathematical and statistical structure of PLS regression. We show the PLS regression algorithm and how it can be interpreted in model building. The basic mathematicalExpand
Variable and subset selection in PLS regression
The purpose of this paper is to present some useful methods for introductory analysis of variables and subsets in relation to PLS regression. We present here methods that are efficient in finding theExpand
Quadratic PLS regression
We treat here an extension of linear PLS regression to include regression on quadratic PLS components. The quadratic regression can be viewed as a natural extention of linear PLS regression toExpand
A combined theory for PCA and PLS
We present here an algorithmic approach to modelling data that includes principal component analysis (PCA) and partial least squares (PLS). In fact, the numerical algorithm presented can carry outExpand
Analysis of latent structures in linear models
In chemometrics the emphasis is on latent structure models. The latent structure is the part of the data that the modeling task is based upon. This paper addresses some fundamental issues that ariseExpand
COVPROC method: strategy in modeling dynamic systems
A new procedure to select subsets in sequential dynamic systems is presented, based on the H‐principle of mathematical modeling, and therefore the aim is to balance improvement in fit and precision. Expand
H‐methods in applied sciences
The author has developed a framework for mathematical modelling within applied sciences. It is characteristic for data from ‘nature and industry’ that they have reduced rank for inference. It meansExpand
Multi‐block methods in multivariate process control
In chemometric studies all predictor variables are usually collected in one data matrix X. This matrix is then analyzed by PLS regression or other methods. When data from several differentExpand
The H-principle in modelling with applications to chemometrics
Abstract Hoskuldsson, A., 1992. The H-principle in modelling with applications to chemometrics. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 14: 139–153. Heisenberg formulated certain rules andExpand