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Combining in-situ and in-transit processing to enable extreme-scale scientific analysis
The lightweight, flexible framework allows scientists dealing with the data deluge at extreme scale to perform analyses at increased temporal resolutions, mitigate I/O costs, and significantly improve the time to insight. Expand
Analysis of large-scale scalar data using hixels
A new data representation for scalar data, called hixels, that stores a histogram of values for each sample point of a domain is introduced that proposes new feature detection algorithms using a combination of topological and statistical methods. Expand
A Practical Approach to Morse-Smale Complex Computation: Scalability and Generality
A new algorithm and easily extensible framework for computing MS complexes for large scale data of any dimension where scalar values are given at the vertices of a closure-finite and weak topology (CW) complex, therefore enabling computation on a wide variety of meshes such as regular grids, simplicial meshes, and adaptive multiresolution (AMR) meshes is described. Expand
Topology-based simplification for feature extraction from 3D scalar fields
A combinatorial algorithm is designed that simplifies the Morse-Smale complex by repeated application of two atomic operations that remove pairs of critical points of the function and a visualization of the simplified topology is presented. Expand
Loop surgery for volumetric meshes: Reeb graphs reduced to contour trees
loop surgery reduces Reeb graph computation to the simpler problem of computing a contour tree, for which well-known algorithms exist that are theoretically efficient (O(n log n) and fast in practice) and demonstrated virtually linear scalability on meshes ranging from 70 thousand to 3.5 million tetrahedra. Expand
Combinatorial construction of morse-smale complexes for data analysis and visualization
Scientific data is becoming increasingly complex, and sophisticated techniques are required for its effective analysis and visualization. The Morse-Smale complex is an efficient data structure thatExpand
A direct numerical simulation study of turbulence and flame structure in transverse jets analysed in jet-trajectory based coordinates
Abstract An ${\mathrm{H} }_{2} / {\mathrm{N} }_{2} $ jet in cross-flow (JICF) of air is studied using three-dimensional direct numerical simulation with and without chemical reaction in order toExpand
Scalable parallel building blocks for custom data analysis
A set of building blocks that provide scalable data movement capability to computational scientists and visualization researchers for writing their own parallel analysis and highlight the use of the library in two analysis applications: parallel streamline generation and parallel Morse-Smale topological analysis. Expand
Direct Feature Visualization Using Morse-Smale Complexes
A visual dictionary is provided to guide users when defining features in terms of these queries and a topology-rich visualization pipeline is demonstrated in a tool that interactively queries the MS complex to extract features at multiple resolutions, assigns rendering attributes, and combines traditional volume visualization with the extracted features. Expand
Practical Considerations in Morse-Smale Complex Computation
This work identifies the cause of spurious critical points due to simulation of simplicity, and presents a general technique for solving it; improves simplification performance by reordering critical point cancellation operations and introducing an efficient data structure for storing the arcs of the Morse-Smale complex. Expand