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Holographic anomalous conductivities and the chiral magnetic effect
We calculate anomaly induced conductivities from a holographic gauge theory model using Kubo formulas, making a clear conceptual distinction between thermodynamic state variables such as chemicalExpand
Four-loop pressure of massless O(N) scalar field theory
Inspired by the corresponding problem in QCD, we determine the pressure of massless O(N) scalar field theory up to order g 6 in the weak-coupling expansion, where g 2 denotes the quartic couplingExpand
On the dispersion of fundamental particles in QCD and N=4 Super Yang-Mills theory
We study thermal corrections to the dispersion relations of massive fundamen- tal particles immersed in weakly coupled non-Abelian plasmas. The cases covered include quarks in the QCD (quark-gluon)Expand
Pressure of the standard model at high temperatures
We compute the pressure of the standard model at high temperatures in the symmetric phase to three loops, or to O(g 5 ) in all coupling constants. We find that the terms of the perturbative expansionExpand
Energetic dileptons from the quark-gluon plasma
In this paper we study the production of energetic dileptons. We calculate the rate for $2\ensuremath{\rightarrow}2$ processes. The log term is obtained analytically and the constant term isExpand
Electroweak phase diagram at finite lepton number density
We study the thermodynamics of the electroweak theory at a finite lepton number density. The phase diagram of the theory is calculated by relating the full 4-dimensional theory to a 3-dimensionalExpand
Thermodynamics of electroweak matter
The electroweak theory is the part of the standard model of particle physics that describes the weak and electromagnetic interactions between elementary particles. Since its formulation almost 40Expand
N{sub f}{sup 3}g{sup 6} term in the pressure of hot QCD
We determine the first independent part of the g{sup 6} coefficient in the weak coupling expansion of the QCD pressure at high temperatures, the one proportional to the maximal power of the number ofExpand
Thermodynamics and phase diagram of anisotropic Chern-Simons deformed gauge theories
A bstractWe consider 3+1-dimensional gauge theories at finite temperature and a finite density of charges which couple to a 2+1-dimensional Chern-Simons operator, giving rise to a θ-term withExpand