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Rapid induction of seven proteins in human lymphocytes by interferon; correlation to natural killer cell activity.
The early effects of interferon (IFN) on the synthesis of protein in human nylon wool-nonadherent lymphocytes have been stimulated by use of two-dimensional electrophoresis. IFN-alpha or -beta asExpand
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The augmentation of human natural killer cell activity by interferon-gamma is not associated with the induction of the interferon-alpha-inducible proteins.
Treatment of partly purified large granular lymphocytes (LGL) with either IFN-alpha or IFN-gamma for 2 hr augmented their NK cell activity. This augmentation was completely inhibited by the additionExpand
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Augmentation of natural killer cells involves both enhancement of lytic machinery and expression of new receptors.
Abstract A good correlation was found between the sensitivity of six hematopoetic cell lines to natural killing by both unstimulated and Interferon (IFN)-stimulated effector cells and the ability ofExpand
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Similar Effects of Treatment with α Interferon on the Protein Synthesis of Human Large Granular Lymphocytes, T Cells, and Monocytes
Preparations of human large granular lymphocytes (LGL), T cells, and monocytes (MC) were obtained through centrifugation on Percoll gradients and preparative E‐rosetting. The different preparationsExpand
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Identification andcharacterization ofacis-acting element that interferes withglucocorticoid-i
Therathepatoma cell line Ml.19isstably infected bythemousemammarytumor virus (MMTV), andthe expression ofthevirus isinduced byglucocorticoid treatment. However, inthe6.10.2 variant ofM1.19,Expand
Transcript profiles and genotyping of cancer tissue
Down-regulation ofglucocorticoid receptor mRNA byglucocorticoid hormones andrecognition bythereceptor ofaspecific binding sequence within areceptor cDNAclone
A cDNAclone fortheratglucocorticoid receptor (GR)wasusedtostudy mechanisms ofGR mRNA regulation. Treatment ofrathepatoma culture cells with0.5 MAMdexamethasone caused asmall, initial increase intheGRExpand
cDNAcloning, sequence, andregulation ofamajorfemale-specific andgrowth hormone-inducible ratliver cytochrome P-450active in15f-hydroxylation ofsteroid sulfates
ABSTRACT cDNAclonesencompassingthecompletecod-ing sequence for the female-specific rat liver microsomal 15.8-hydroxylase have been isolated and sequenced. This cy-tochrome P-450 species (P.450 15/3)Expand