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Radiation Effects on Silica-Based Optical Fibers: Recent Advances and Future Challenges
In this review paper, we present radiation effects on silica-based optical fibers. We first describe the mechanisms inducing microscopic and macroscopic changes under irradiation: radiation-inducedExpand
Radiation Effects on Fiber Gratings
Fiber Bragg and long period gratings are photonic components that find numerous applications in telecommunication and sensing. In some cases, such as space, high-energy physics, and nuclear industry,Expand
Behavior of fibre Bragg gratings under high total dose gamma radiation
We report on the effect of MGy dose level /spl gamma/-irradiation on the parameters of fibre Bragg gratings intended for sensing applications. The /spl gamma/-radiation sensitivities of gratingsExpand
Stabilization of Fiber Bragg Gratings Against Gamma Radiation
The effect of gamma-radiation on the spectral characteristics of FBGs has been studied experimentally. The FBGs were fabricated in optical fibers with a GeO2 concentration in the core in a range fromExpand
Proton- and Gamma-Induced Effects on Erbium-Doped Optical Fibers
We characterized the responses of three erbium-doped fibers with slightly different concentrations of rare-earth ions (240-290 ppm) and Al2O3 (7-10 wt.%) during proton and gamma-ray exposures. WeExpand
An Introduction to Radiation Effects on Optical Components and Fiber Optic Sensors
We review the effects of ionizing radiation on various types of optical components including optical fiber sensors and summarize some of their applications in particular environments where theExpand
Effect of ionizing radiation on the properties of arc-induced long-period fiber gratings.
It is observed that the spectra of the gratings remain almost unchanged after being subjected to doses in excess of 0.5 MGy, and the gratINGS' temperature and strain sensitivities are not affected by gamma radiation. Expand
Effect of the Fiber Coating on the Radiation Sensitivity of Type I FBGs
We have studied the influence of the fiber coating on the radiation sensitivity of fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs). These FBGs are draw tower gratings written before applying the coating in a fiber withExpand
Long-Term Exposure of Fiber Bragg Gratings in the BR1 Low-Flux Nuclear Reactor
  • A. Gusarov
  • Physics
  • IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
  • 1 September 2009
We report the results of a long-term exposure of fiber Bragg gratings in the BR1 low-flux nuclear reactor at SCK·CEN in Mol, Belgium. Gratings fabricated in the photosensitive and the standard fibersExpand