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The Restoration of Species and Natural Environments
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Environmental Ethics and Trophy Hunting
The publication in 1980 of J. Baird Callicott’s “Animal Liberation: A Triangular Affair” introduced the conflict for environmental management and policy between animal liberation and environmentalExpand
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Rethinking Communities: Environmental Ethics in an Urbanized World
341 Humans have largely transformed the natural environment and there is scarcely an area of the world which has not been affected by human activity. Human domination of the environment, inExpand
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Environmental Restoration—Ethics, Theory, and Practice
This important anthology organises key essays that outline philosophical perspectives on the rapidly growing practice of environmental restoration. While some argue that environmental restoration isExpand
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Engineering, ethics, and the environment
Preface Part I: 1. The problem of environmental ethics in engineering 2. Engineering as a people-serving profession 3. The search for environmental ethics in professional codes of ethics 4. TheExpand
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Hold Paramount: The Engineer's Responsibility to Society
1. DOING THE RIGHT THING. Morals, Obligations to Strangers. Ethics. 2. FAITHFUL AGENTS. Technical Expertise and Ethical Obligations. Organization of Professional Engineering. Can We Afford to beExpand
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Sustainable Development and the ASCE Code of Ethics
Prior to its 1997 revision, the ASCE \ICode of Ethics\N only peripherally addressed the interaction of the engineer with the environment. Engineers seeking guidance on their professionalExpand
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Ethics and Engineering Education
A concise definition of ethics is proposed in which it is suggested that ethics can be defined as any set of values, a set of values shared by a group, or a set of shared values that can be absoluteExpand
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