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Mechanism-based isolation and structures of some anticancer active natural products
Application of a mechanism-based anticancer bioassay employing DNA repair- or recombination-deficient mutants of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae for screening and subsequent bioassay-guidedExpand
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Studies on the toxicology of the palmyrah palm ( Borassus flabellifer L.): Part II. Milk transfer of toxicity to suckling rats
Flour from t!le young shoot of the Palmvrah palm is consu.ned by humans in so~ne Aslan anc! African cou.tlries ; their traditional pharmac~poie~ irclude? palmyrah prod.ucts as thera?e:!tic agents.Expand
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DNA-damaging natural products with potential anticancer activity
Publisher Summary This chapter demonstrates the utility of the yeast bioassay for the detection and isolation of DNA-damaging agents in plant and marine extracts. The assay has many advantages: it isExpand
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Microglossic acid an alicyclic diterpene and other consituents of Microglossa zeylanica
Abstract The aerial parts of Microglossa zeylanica collected in Sri Lanka contained β-farnesene, squalene, dammadienyl acetate, caryophyllen-1,10-epoxide, 5,4′-dihydroxy-6,7,8,3′-tetramethoxyflavone,Expand
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Economically useful plants of Sri Lanka. Part VI.* Exploitation of seed fats of mango and rambuttan for the production of soap
Soaps have been prepared from the seed fats of mango and rambuttan. Their properties have been compared with those of commercial soaps. The results show that rambuttan seed, with its high fatExpand
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