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Influence of morphodynamic variability over seasonal beach sediments and its probable effect on coastal development
Abstract Seasonal variations and effect of oceanographic processes such as erosion and/or accretion along beaches are important to understand their impact on coastal morphological variations.Expand
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Wave refraction patterns and their role in sediment redistribution along South Konkan, Maharashtra, India
Wave refraction studies were undertaken for the nearshore sediments of four bays, Wada Vetye, Ambolgarh, Rajapur and Vijaydurg along the Konkan coast, Maharashtra, Central west coast of India, toExpand
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Late-Quaternary variations in clay minerals along the SW continental margin of India: evidence of climatic variations
Abstract Down-core variations in illite, chlorite, smectite and kaolinite (the major clays) in two 14C-dated cores collected along the SW continental margin of India show that illite and chloriteExpand
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Surface microtextures of quartz grains from the central coast of Tamil Nadu
Quartz grain surface micro textures of 12 samples collected from the beach were examined under scanning electron microscopy to understand the role of coastal processes on their transportation andExpand
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Surficial clay mineral distribution on the southwestern continental margin of India: evidence of input from the Bay of Bengal
Abstract Analyses of spatial distribution of clay minerals, sediment texture, and > 63 μm fractions of the grab samples from the S W continental margin of India exhibit: (i) higher contents of illiteExpand
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Beach dynamics and oscillations of shoreline position in recent years at Miramar Beach, Goa, India: a study from a GPR survey
Abstract Consideration of human influences is crucial to understanding the coastal sediment supply and associated shoreline responses prior to undertaking coastal hazard management studies.Expand
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