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Interactive laboratory automation aid: The research device coupler
A set of hardware modules collectively called the research device coupler (RDC) has been designed to bring instrumentation interfacing capability to scientists using interactive terminal-oriented systems with built-in functions which act with, or as, a terminal. Expand
Laboratory automation via a VM/370 teleprocessing virtual machine
A mechanism called the Teleprocessing Virtual Machine (TPVM) has been designed to provide remote intelligent sub-systems with the ability to access and utilize the power of the IBM VM/370 environment. Expand
Automatic pulse parameter determination with the computer augmented oscilloscope system
Computer Augumented Oscilloscope System (CAOS) is a special computer terminal facility intended for laboratory experiments involving waveforms and their interpretation. Expand
A Digital Control System for a Nuclear Physics Laboratory
An integrated hardware-software system for monitoring and controlling experimental equipment in nuclear structure experiments at the Yale University Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory is described.Expand
The IBM 5100 and the Research Device Coupler - A Personal Laboratory Automation System
A small laboratory automation system has been developed by using the IBM 5100 Portable Computer in conjunction with the Research Device Coupler. Expand