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Corvus corax Diet Composition in Different Agricultural Lands in Algeria
Study on Common Raven’s diet is conducted in two regions in Algeria, region of Djelfa in the middle part of Algerian Highlands and region of Laghouat occupying a large part of Northern AlgerianExpand
Trophic Ecology Study Contribution Anas Platyrhynchos ( Linné , 1758 ) in the R éghaia ’ s Lake National Reserve , Algéria
Studies on the diet of Mallard DuckAnas platyrhynchos(Linné, 1758) was carried out from February 2011 until January 2012 in the fen of Reghaia’s lake, sub-humid area located in the North of Algeria.Expand
Orthopterological Fauna in the 1
The problems originated by insect’s pests have been attracting a great deal of attention. However, loc usts are without doubt the most redoubtable enemies of h uman since emergence of agricultureExpand
[Importance of Shaw's Jird Meriones shawii within the trophic components of the Barn Owl Tyto alba in steppic areas of Algeria].
The study of the diet of the Barn Owl in two steppic regions (M'Sila and Djelfa) located in the Algerian highlands is based on the analysis of the pellets of rejections collected in six stations. TheExpand
Diet of Common Raven Corvus Corax (Aves, Corvidae) in Algeria
The diet of the common raven Corvus Corax in the region of Djelfa (Algeria) was analysed from 63 collected pellets. The trophic spectrum was made up of 887 items, mainly belonging to invertebrateExpand
Helminths in the Digestive Tract of Chickens in the Region of Sidi Aissa (Algeria)
Domestic chicken Gallus gallus domesticus (L. 1758) is the most domestic poultry used for meat and eggs (Lehmann 2015). In Algeria and until the early 1960s, poultry farming was essentially rusticExpand