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Effect of Edible and Active Coating (with Rosemary and Oregano Essential Oils) on Beef Characteristics and Consumer Acceptability
The effects of an alginate-based edible coating containing natural antioxidants (rosemary and oregano essential oils) on lipid oxidation, color preservation, water losses, texture and pH of beefExpand
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Efficiency of fly ash belite cement and zeolite matrices for immobilizing cesium.
The efficiency of innovative matrices for immobilizing cesium is presented in this work. The matrix formulation included the use of fly ash belite cement (FABC-2-W) and gismondine-type Na-P1 zeolite,Expand
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Hydraulic activity and microstructural characterization of new fly ash–belite cements synthesized at different temperatures
The influence of the synthesis temperature of a new fly ash–belite cement (FABC) on its hydraulic activity and microstructural characteristics is discussed in this work. Three types of FABC wereExpand
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Activation of the fly ash pozzolanic reaction by hydrothermal conditions
The effect of hydrothermal treatment on the pozzolanic reaction of two kinds of Spanish fly ashes from coal combustion (ASTM class F) is discussed. Characterization of the compounds formed as aExpand
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Effect of the starting fly ash on the microstructure and mechanical properties of fly ash–belite cement mortars
Abstract The effect of two kinds of Spanish fly ashes ASTM (class F) on the mechanical and microstructure parameters of fly ash–belite cement (FABC) mortars was studied for up to 200 days fromExpand
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Mechanical properties, pore size distribution, and pore solution of fly ash-belite cement mortars
The mechanical properties, pore size distribution, and extracted pore solution of fly ash-belite cement (FABC) mortars were studied for a period of 200 days. The influence of the calcinationExpand
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Emittance Characterisation of High Brightness Beams in the CERN PS
Measurements in the CERN Proton Synchrotron showed that achieving the required accuracy for the emittance characterisation of high brightness beams is challenging. Some of the present limits can beExpand
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New hybrid ditopic ligands containing fused phenanthroline and crown ether units
Reaction of 5,6-dihydroxy-1,10-phenanthroline with various poly(ethylene)glycol-ditosylates affords, in good yield, a series of ligands in which a phenanthroline binding site is attached to anExpand
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Hydrothermal treatment of bottom ash from the incineration of municipal solid waste: retention of Cs(I), Cd(II), Pb(II) and Cr(III).
The retention of Cs+, Cd2+, Pb2+ and Cr3+ by the compounds formed as a result of the hydrothermal treatment of the bottom ash from the fluidized-bed incineration of municipal solid wastes is examinedExpand
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The role of the fly ash pozzolanic activity in simulated sulphate radioactive liquid waste
Effects of the very concentrated sulphated salts that accompanied the low (LLW) and medium level wastes (MLW), on the cementitious characteristics of materials employed in the Spanish disposal areExpand
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