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Atomic oxygen effects on POSS polyimides in low earth orbit.
Kapton polyimde is extensively used in solar arrays, spacecraft thermal blankets, and space inflatable structures. Upon exposure to atomic oxygen in low Earth orbit (LEO), Kapton is severely eroded.Expand
Effect of chemical structure and network formation on physical properties of di(cyanate ester) thermosets.
Key physical properties of three dicyanate ester monomers, bisphenol A dicyanate (BADCy), bisphenol E dicyanate (LECy), and the dicyanate of a silicon-containing analogue of bisphenol A (SiMCy) wereExpand
Optical Absorption, Depolarization, and Scatter of Epitaxial Single-Crystal Chemical-Vapor-Deposited Diamond at 1.064 μm
Epitaxial single-crystal chemical-vapor-deposited diamond with (100) crystal orientation is obtained from Element Six (Ascot, United Kingdom) and Apollo Diamond (Boston, Massachusetts). BothExpand
Fluoroalkyl-functionalized silica particles: synthesis, characterization, and wetting characteristics.
Fluoroalkyl-functionalized silica particles for use in nonwetting surfaces were prepared by treatment of silica particles with fluoroalkyl-functional chlorosilanes. Both fumed and precipitated silicaExpand
Progress in using conductive polymers as corrosion-inhibiting coatings
Abstract A general review of the chemistry and corrosion control properties of electroactive polymers will be presented. These polymers are also known as conductive polymers (CPs), and this term willExpand
Sustainable hydrophobic thermosetting resins and polycarbonates from turpentine
Carvacrol is a renewable phenol that can be derived from abundant components of pine resin. To demonstrate the utility of carvacrol for polymer applications, a bisphenol was synthesized fromExpand
Synthesis, cure kinetics, and physical properties of a new tricyanate ester with enhanced molecular flexibility
Abstract 1,2,3-Tris(4-cyanatophenyl)propane, a new tricyanate ester monomer that was designed to incorporate more flexible chemical linkages at junction points in the cured macromolecular network,Expand
Polycyanurate networks from anethole dimers: Synthesis and characterization
Novel biorenewable bisphenols are obtained through simple and rapid chemical transformation of the natural product trans-anethole. The corresponding dicyanate esters are thermally cured to giveExpand
Formation of Banded Textures in Liquid Crystalline Polymers with Extended Curvature Elasticity
A new theoretical approach which describes the formation of banded textures in liquid crystalline polymers is introduced. The approach incorporates the concept of extended curvature elastic freeExpand
Comparisons of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Polyimides as Space-Survivable Materials
Kapton® is used extensively in spacecraft thermal blankets, solar arrays, and space inflatable structures. Atomic oxygen (AO) in low Earth orbit (LEO) causes severe degradation of Kapton®. SiO 2Expand