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Special report on emissions scenarios : a special report of Working group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPCC Special Report on Emissions Scenarios Contents: Foreword Preface Summary for policymakers Technical Summary Chapter 1: Background and Overview Chapter 2: An Overview of the Scenario LiteratureExpand
Scenarios of long-term socio-economic and environmental development under climate stabilization
Abstract This paper presents an overview of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions scenarios that form the analytical backbone for other contributions to this Special Issue. We first describe theExpand
Global energy : perspectives
Global energy needs are expanding with economic development around the world and population growth. There is now strong evidence that growing energy use risks damaging the environment and changingExpand
Biophysical and economic limits to negative CO2 emissions
To have a >50% chance of limiting warming below 2 °C, most recent scenarios from integrated assessment models (IAMs) require large-scale deployment of negative emissions technologies (NETs). TheseExpand
Dynamics of energy technologies and global change
Technological choices largely determine the long-term characteristics of industrial society, including impacts on the natural environment. However, the treatment of technology in existing models thatExpand
The costs of the French nuclear scale-up: A case of negative learning by doing
The paper reviews the history and the economics of the French PWR program, which is arguably the most successful nuclear-scale up experience in an industrialized country. Key to this success was aExpand
Energy transitions research: Insights and cautionary tales
This short essay first reviews the pioneers of energy transition research both in terms of data as well as theories. Three major insights that have emerged from this nascent research fields areExpand
Time for a change: On the patterns of diffusion of innovation
The report presents an empirical examination of the diffusion processes of innovation. Temporal patterns of the diffusion of technological innovations, and the implications of these patterns may haveExpand
The Rise and Fall of Infrastructures: Dynamics of Evolution and Technological Change in Transport
This book tries to merge two streams of analysis: diffusion research, a relatively recent interdisciplinary field, and the long established disciplines of transportation planning and the economicExpand
Technology and global change
Technology and Global Change describes how technology has shaped society and the environment over the last 200 years. Technology has led us from the farm to the factory to the internet, and itsExpand