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Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points that Challenge Every Company and Career
Under Andy Grove's leadership, "Intel" has become the world's largest computer chipmaker, the fifth most admired company in America and the seventh most profitable company among the Fortune 500.Expand
Strategy Is Destiny: How Strategy-Making Shapes a Company's Future
From the Publisher: How did a pioneering company in the semiconductor industry not only survive but thrive in the face of the explosive change and upheavals that forced it to transform itself twiceExpand
Only the Paranoid Survive
Andrew Grove calls a very large change in one of the competitive forces in an industry, a “10X” change, suggesting that the force has become ten times what it was just recently. In the face of suchExpand
Strategic Dissonance
A ligning corporate strategy and strategic action is a key top management responsibility. Such alignment is viewed by some as driven by the strategic intent of the CEO who sets ambitious targetsExpand
High Output Management
Let Chaos Reign, then Rein in Chaos - Repeatedly: Managing Strategic Dynamics for Corporate Longevity
Combining longitudinal field research and executive experience, we propose that corporate longevity depends on matching cycles of autonomous and induced strategy processes to different forms ofExpand
Cross-Boundary Disruptors: Powerful Inter-Industry Entrepreneurial Change Agents
Based on comparative case studies of Apple Computer's strategic actions in the music and cellular telephony industries, we develop the concept of "cross-boundary disruptor" as a new type ofExpand
Navigating Strategic Inflection Points
In this first of the 1997 Stockton Lectures, the speaker reflects on the turning points which can make or break even the strongest of businesses. How can managers distinguish a “Strategic InflectionExpand
How can anticipation inform creative leadership?
Preliminaries There is a difference between anticipation and guessing. Even between anticipation and prediction there are distinctions impossible to ignore. We shall examine these differences andExpand
Proceedings of the 73rd ASIS&T Annual Meeting on Navigating Streams in an Information Ecosystem - Volume 47
Since the organization's inception in 1937, the annual meeting of the American Society for Information and Technology (ASIST) has been the premier venue for convening an interdisciplinary communityExpand