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Cryptosporidium excystation and invasion: getting to the guts of the matter.
Cryptosporidium parvum excystation and host cell invasion have been characterized in some detail ultrastructurally. However, until recently, the biochemical and molecular basis of host-parasiteExpand
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Determination of Amoebicidal Activities of Multipurpose Contact Lens Solutions by Using a Most Probable Number Enumeration Technique
ABSTRACT Six multipurpose contact lens solutions [All-in-One, All-in-One (Light), ReNu MultiPlus, Optifree Express, Complete, and Solo-care soft] were tested for their efficacies against AcanthamoebaExpand
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Cryptosporidium and giardia
Reducing human parasitic infection by breaking the cycle of transmission of parasites transmitted by the faeco-oral route has been one of the most significant interventions in public health medicineExpand
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Occurrence of Giardia sp. cysts and Cryptosporidium sp. oocysts in faeces from public parks in the west of Scotland.
One hundred faecal specimens, randomly collected from various locations within seven public parks in the west of Scotland, were examined for the presence of Giardia sp. cysts and Cryptosporidium sp.Expand
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Incidence of cryptosporidiosis species in paediatric patients in Malawi.
We determined the incidence of cryptosporidiosis in children aged <5 years presenting with diarrhoea in an urban and rural hospital-based setting in Malawi. Stools were collected over a 22-monthExpand
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Occurrence and removal of Giardia sp. cysts by Kenyan and French waste stabilisation pond systems
A study was conducted to determine the occurrence and removal of Giardia sp. cysts in municipal wastewater by two waste stabilisation pond systems; one at Eldoret, Kenya and one at Meze, France. AExpand
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Microbiological hazard identification and exposure assessment of food prepared and served in rural households of Lungwena, Malawi.
The presence of food-borne pathogens, Escherichia coli 0157:H7, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella species, Campylobacter jejuni and non-pathogenic E. coli, in 132 home cooked food samples consistingExpand
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Problems associated with the use of pit latrines in Blantyre, Republic of Malawi
A questionnaire and observational study was conducted to determine the problems associated with construction, design and hygiene methods used to maintain pit latrines in a high-density urban townshipExpand
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Enhanced attachment of acanthamoeba to extended-wear silicone hydrogel contact lenses: a new risk factor for infection?
PURPOSE To establish if silicone hydrogel (S-H) contact lenses could be a risk factor for Acanthamoeba infection by facilitating the attachment of trophozoites to their surface and transfer to theExpand
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Application of DAPI and immunofluorescence for enhanced identification of Cryptosporidium spp oocysts in water samples
The usefulness of the nuclear fluorochrome 4′, 6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI) as an adjunct in the identification of Cryptosporidium spp oocysts by immunofluorescence has been studied. BecauseExpand
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