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Riemannian manifolds with structure groupG2
SummaryRiemannian manifolds with structure group G2are 7-dimensional and have a distinguished 3-form. In this paper such manifolds are treated as analogues of almost Hermitian manifolds. Thus S7hasExpand
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Natural Products Isolation
Natural Product Isolation: An Overview Satyajit D. Sarker, Zahid Latif, and Alexander I. Gray Initial and Bulk Extraction Veronique Seidel Supercritical Fluid Extraction Lutfun Nahar and Satyajit D.Expand
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A comparative study of the stem-bark drimane sesquiterpenes and leaf volatile oils of Warburgia ugandensis and W. stuhlmannii
Abstract The stem barks of Warburgia ugandensis and W. stuhlmannii have yielded a total of 11 drimane sesquiterpenes of which four are novel and include the first C-3 oxygenated derivatives to beExpand
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The release of model macromolecules may be controlled by the hydrophobicity of palmitoyl glycol chitosan hydrogels.
A non-covalently cross-linked palmitoyl glycol chitosan (GCP) hydrogel has been evaluated as an erodible controlled release system for the delivery of hydrophilic macromolecules. Samples of GCP withExpand
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Antimicrobial activity of pentacyclic triterpenes isolated from African Combretaceae.
Four pentacyclic tritepenes were isolated from Combretum imberbe Engl. & Diels, of which two are novel glycosidic derivatives of 1alpha,3beta,23-trihydroxyolean-12-en-29-oic acid (hydroxyimberbicExpand
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Self-assembly of cetyl linear polyethylenimine to give micelles, vesicles, and dense nanoparticles
The involvement of macromolecules in the formation of biological and other membranes has important implications for structural biology and nanoengineering. Using cetyl polyethylenimines of varyingExpand
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Natural Product Isolation
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A benzoisofuranone derivative and carbazole alkaloids from Murraya koenigii and their antimicrobial activity.
A benzoisofuranone derivative, 3xi-(1xi-hydroxyethyl)-7-hydroxy-1-isobenzofuranone, and a dimeric carbazole alkaloid, 3,3'-[oxybis(methylene)]bis(9-methoxy-9H-carbazole), along with six knownExpand
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Coumarins in the Rutaceae
Abstract The biogenesis, structural diversity and distribution of simple, furano- and pyranocoumarins in the Rutaceae is reviewed. The potential value of these compounds as taxonomic markers andExpand
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Antitubercular activity of Arctium lappa and Tussilago farfara extracts and constituents.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Arctium lappa and Tussilago farfara (Asteraceae) are two plant species used traditionally as antitubercular remedies. The aim of this study was (i) to screen ArctiumExpand
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