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Effects of antecedent hydrologic conditions, time dependence, and climate cycles on the suspended sediment load of the Salinas River, California
summary Previous estimations of sediment flux for the Salinas River of central California were based on data collected in the 1970s and assumptions of time invariant suspended sediment–dischargeExpand
The impact of persistent dynamics on suspended sediment load estimation
  • A. Gray
  • Geology
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  • 1 December 2018
Abstract Fluvial suspended sediment concentration and discharge is most commonly estimated by applying rating curves developed over a given base period of sediment monitoring to longer, continuousExpand
Applications from Paleoecology to Environmental Management and Restoration in a Dynamic Coastal Environment
Estuarine restoration is a major focus of coastal management. To set estuarine restoration targets, coastal managers need to understand natural baselines and human modifications. The goal of thisExpand
Remote sensing reveals Antarctic green snow algae as important terrestrial carbon sink
The first map of green snow algae community biomass and distribution along the Antarctic Peninsula is produced, showing that they are driven by warmer temperatures and proximity to birds and mammals, and are likely to increase given projected climate changes. Expand
Hydrogen peroxide treatment effects on the particle size distribution of alluvial and marsh sediments
Pretreatment of sediment with hydrogen peroxide to remove organic constituents and aid deflocculation is a common component of particle size analyses of terrestrial and marine sediments. This studyExpand
Particle size characterization of historic sediment deposition from a closed estuarine lagoon, Central California
Abstract Recent studies of estuarine sediment deposits have focused on grain size spectra as a tool to better understand depositional processes, in particular those associated with tidal inlet andExpand
The effects of wildfire on the sediment yield of a coastal California watershed
The occurrence of two wildfi res separated by 31 yr in the chaparral-dominated Arroyo Seco watershed (293 km 2 ) of California provides a unique opportunity to evaluate the effects of wildfi re onExpand
The Potential and Limitations of Diatoms as Environmental Indicators in Mid-Atlantic Coastal Wetlands
Diatoms have been successfully used as indicators of past and present environmental conditions in freshwater and marine habitats, but their diversity and indicative properties in microtidal coastalExpand
Reporting Guidelines to Increase the Reproducibility and Comparability of Research on Microplastics
Three easy to use documents, a detailed document, a checklist, and a mind map are developed that can be used to reference the reporting guidelines quickly, that intend that these reporting guidelines support the annotation, dissemination, interpretation, reviewing, and synthesis of microplastic research. Expand
Critical Review of Processing and Classification Techniques for Images and Spectra in Microplastic Research
It is suggested that new and repurposed methods need to be developed for high throughput screening using a diversity of approaches and machine learning as one potential avenue toward this capability. Expand