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The life history of Patina pellucida (L.).
  • A. Graham, V. Fretter
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of the Marine Biological Association of…
  • 1 June 1947
Patina pellucida occurs in two facies with characteristics of habitat and structure, the latter' affecting mainly the shell, while laevis lives in caves in the holdfasts of Laminaria, and has a rough, round and usually high shell, though the proportions are more variable. Expand
The Structure and Mode of Life of the Pyramidellidae, Parasitic Opisthobranchs
The shell is calcareous and spirally wound and may be closed by an operculum, and the head has ear-shaped tentacles, richly innervated and with cilia setting up a strong water current, so that they constitute a powerful sensory mechanism. Expand
The evolution of the Ellobiidae with a discussion on the origin of the Pulmonata.
The Ellobiidae is the only family of this group that could have provided possible ancestors for Stylommatophora, and these are unlikely to have occurred among known genera, in the view of gastropod evolution presented from this study. Expand