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Magnetic storms and magnetotail currents
The magnetospheric magnetic field is highly time-dependent and may have explosive changes (magnetospheric substorms and geomagnetic storms) accompanied by significant energy input into the
Ring current simulation in connection with interplanetary space conditions
Abstract A ring current model has been obtained which permits calculations ofDst variations on the Earth's surface during magnetic storms. The changes in Dst are described by the equation d d t D sto
A half-yearly aspect of circulating melatonin in pregnancies complicated by intrauterine growth retardation.
The circadian rhythmicity of melatonin is confirmed in healthy pregnant women and the finding to pregnancies complicated by IUGR is extended, uncovering about half-yearly changes in melatonin in women with IugR, thereby extending results obtained in healthy non-pregnant women and men.
Ring current and auroral electrojets in connection with interplanetary medium parameters during magnetic storm
The relationship between the auroral electrojet indices (AE) and the ring current magnetic field (DR) was investigated by observations obtained during the magnetic storm on 1–3 April 1973. During the
Magnetic field of the magnetospheric ring current and its dynamics during magnetic storms.
This review examines models existing in the literature which describe the magnetic field produced by the ring current (DR) at the Earth's surface based on the energy balance equation. The parameters
Auroral electrojet dynamics during magnetic storms, connection with plasma precipitation and large-scale structure of the magnetospheric magnetic field
Effect of the equatorward shift of the eastward and westward electrojets during magnetic storms main phase is analyzed based on the meridional chains of magnetic observatories EISCAT and IMAGE and
Afternoon mid-latitude current system and low-latitude geomagnetic field asymmetry during geomagnetic storms
For four geomagnetic storms of middle intensity the relationship between the low-latitude magnetic field asymmetry using ASY indices and the intensity of the auroral eastward and westward electro-jet
About the relationship between auroral electrojets and ring currents
The relationship between the storm-time ring current and the auroral electrojets is investigated using IMAGE magnetometer data, DSt and H-SYM, and solar wind data. Statistical results as well as the
Evolution of the low-latitude geomagnetic storm field and the importance of turbulent diffusion for ring current particle losses
An investigation of the temporal evolution of the low-latitude disturbance field at different magnetic local times for several storms of different activity showed characteristic features for strong,
Auroral electrojets during geomagnetic storms
On the basis of digital magnetometers from the International monitor auroral geomagnetic effects (IMAGE) and European incoherent scatter (EISCAT) meridional chains in Scandinavia dynamics of the