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Measures Vs. Actions: The Balanced Scorecard in Swedish Law Enforcement
(WP 12/03 Clave pdf) Our investigation drew upon the deployment of the balanced scorecard in Swedish Law Enforcement, an organization that long ago implemented the new paradigm of policing, whichExpand
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Increased Yield in Sawmills by Applying Alternate Rotation and Lateral Positioning
Modern sawmills are increasingly like process industries, running continuously with very large volumes flowing through the process every second. This fact makes it vital for every company to utilizeExpand
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Simulated grading of logs with an x‐ray log scanner‐grading accuracy compared with manual grading
Today sawmills have started to use automatic methods for log grading. The methods used are either optical or gamma‐ray scanners. However, the signals from these scanners are too coarse for accurate...
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Main cutting force models for two species of tropical wood
Abstract The aim of the study was to evaluate the main cutting force for two species of tropical Mozambican wood and to develop predictive models. Cutting these hardwoods is difficult. DeterminationExpand
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The Development of a Log-Scanner for Scots Pine
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In this work the multi-factor, non-linear dependencies between main (tangential) FC (N) and normal (radial) FN (N) cutting forces and eight machining parameters by sawing simulation of wood of PinusExpand
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Value for money and the rule of law: the (new) performance audit in Sweden
Purpose – This paper aims to develop a classification scheme of different types of value for money (VFM) audits with different degrees of compliance audit, and to classify the performance auditsExpand
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Improved log rotation using information from a computed tomography scanner
The development of an industrial computed tomography scanner for the sawmilling industry raises the question of how to find a production strategy that uses a computed tomography scanner in theExpand
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Validation of a CT-based simulator against a sawmill yield.
Over the past decade, the sawmill sector has made significant advancements in developing methods for measuring inner properties of sawlogs. Noninvasive scanning, e.g., x-ray scanning, has proven toExpand
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