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Transformational responses to climate change: beyond a systems perspective of social change in mitigation and adaptation
There is a growing imperative for responses to climate change to go beyond incremental adjustments, aiming instead for society-wide transformation. In this context, sociotechnical (ST) transitionsExpand
Ecological Modernisation and the Governance of Carbon: A Critical Analysis
In this paper, we use insights derived from a critical evaluation of ecological modernisation theories to examine the origins and influence of new, market-based, forms of carbon governance. FocusingExpand
Environmental Management and Business Strategy
1. Introduction: The environmental challenge and business strategy 2. The legislative Frameworks 3. Environmental impact assessment: prevention is better than cure 4. Making a start: environmentalExpand
Environmental policy and industrial innovation: integrating environment and economy through ecological modernisation
Ecological modernisation theory has been offered as a possible solution to the environmental problems currently facing advanced industrial countries. It suggests that regulation can help to solveExpand
Interplay of actors, scales, frameworks and regimes in the governance of biodiversity
This article examines the key contributions of the political science and systems theory based literatures on environmental governance, and uses them to analyse the governance of biodiversity inExpand
Does voluntary carbon reporting meet investors' needs?
Abstract Through initiatives such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, investors have encouraged companies to report on their climate change-related risks and opportunities, their greenhouse gasExpand
Ecological modernization and the European Union
This paper begins with an examination of the role of state failure in constructing and preserving inefficient and ineffective systems of pollution control. It then assesses the characteristics, goalsExpand
Regulatory Realities: The Implementation and Impact of Industrial Environmental Regulation
Environment, Economy and Policy Reform * Environment, Innovation and Technical Change * Mandatory Regulation and the European Union's Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive * VoluntaryExpand
Exploring the economic case for climate action in cities
There is increasing interest in the potential of cities to contribute to climate mitigation. Multiple assessments have evaluated the scale and composition of urban GHG emissions, while others haveExpand
Ecological Modernisation: Restructuring Industrial Economies
Historically, the relationship between economic development and environmental protection has been seen as one of mutual antagonism. Those who have been primarily interested in the performance of theExpand