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The Evolution of Labor Relations in Japan: Heavy Industry, 1853–1955
The century-long process by which a distinct pattern of Japanese labor relations evolved is traced through the often turbulent interactions of workers, managers, and, at times, government bureaucratsExpand
A modern history of Japan : from Tokugawa times to the present
Maps, Tables, and Figures Preface Introduction: Enduring Imprints on the Longer Past Part 1: Crisis of the Tokugawa Regime 1. The Tokugawa Polity Unification The Tokugawa Political Settlements TheExpand
The Wages of Affluence: Labor and Management in Postwar Japan
Japan reborn organizing the steelworkers restoring managerial and state authority reinventing the steel mill forging an activist union breaking the impasse fabricating the politics of cooperationExpand
Superior Intellect?: Sincere Fictions of the White Self
This article investigates claims of superior White intelligence from an emerging race relations perspective that describes the symbolic labor used to construct a psychological and cultural self thatExpand
New and Enduring Dual Structures of Employment in Japan: The Rise of Non-Regular Labor, 1980s–2010s
A steady rise in what is called ‘non-regular employment’ is the most notable change in Japanese working life since at least the 1980s. Such workers accounted for nearly 40% of all employees by 2015.Expand
The Ashio riot of 1907 : a social history of mining in Japan
In "The Ashio Riot of 1907", Kazuo Nimura explains why the workers at the Ashio copper mine - Japan's largest mining concern and one of the largest such operations in the world - joined together forExpand
Screen Saviors: Hollywood Fictions of Whiteness
Chapter 1 Foreword: A Nation of Sheep Chapter 2 Learning to Be White through the Movies Chapter 3 The Divided White Self Chapter 4 The Beautiful White American: Sincere Fictions of the Savior ChapterExpand
The Postwar Japanese System: Cultural Economy and Economic Transformation
A broad, intelligent overview of the Japanese political economy, The Postwar Japanese System is one of the best books available to tell us what we can learn from Japan, and what price the JapaneseExpand