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Relationships between nursery practices and field performance for Eucalyptus plantations in Brazil
Improved experimentaldesigns are needed to capture the interaction between plant quality and field performance, and currentsilvicultural trends are reducing establishmentcosts but increasing the risk of using lowquality plants. Expand
Fertilizer management of eucalypt plantations on sandy soil in Brazil: Initial growth and nutrient cycling
Abstract The sustainability of plantation forests requires the consideration of environmental and economic factors. Fertilization is an important practice in eucalypt plantations that should beExpand
Low temperature, IBA concentrations and optimal time for adventitious rooting of Eucalyptus benthamii mini-cuttings
The adventitious rooting percentage under different storage times in low temperatures and at various IBA (indole-3-butyric acid) concentrations was assessed to determine the optimal time of permanence for rooting Eucalyptus benthamii minicuttings in a greenhouse. Expand
A novel approach for the definition of the inorganic medium components for micropropagation of yellow passionfruit (Passiflora edulis sims. F. Flavicarpa Deg.)
Subculture of the chlorotic plantlets into MSM showed that the visual symptoms of mineral deficiency disappeared in 2–4 wk, and a comparison of the mineral analysis of plantlets in both media showed a fairly large increase in Ca, Cu, Fe, Mg and S and decrease in levels of B and Cl in plantlets cultivated in MSM. Expand
Anatomical and biochemical characterization of the calcium effect on Eucalyptus urophylla callus morphogenesis in vitro
An increase in calcium concentration gave higher total protein and sugar contents, an increase in peroxidase specific activity and changes in the histological characteristics, and a multivariate statistical analysis grouped the treatments into 5 blocks and indicated the most responsive group. Expand
Micropropagation of Eucalyptus benthamii to form a clonal micro-garden
A method for cloning selected genotypes of E. benthamii using a micropropagation technique, enabling the formation of a clonal micro-garden, and normal development of adventitious roots showing a vascular connection with the vascular cambium is shown. Expand
Dynamics of adventitious rooting in mini-cuttings of Eucalyptus benthamii x Eucalyptus dunnii
The optimum time for permanence of the mini-cuttings inside the greenhouse for rooting was between 35 and 42 days, and varied depending on the genetic material, which was used to mathematically model the speed of rhizogenesis. Expand
Eucalyptus dunnii Maiden plant regeneration via shoot organogenesis on a new basal medium based on the mineral composition of young stump shoots
Histological analyses suggest that callus regeneration areas in hypocotyl explants recreate an appropriate niche for the development of pluripotent cells that give rise to buds and shoots in E. dunnii. Expand
Exploring the Impact of the Biofloc Rearing System and an Oral WSSV Challenge on the Intestinal Bacteriome of Litopenaeus vannamei
Using a high-throughput 16S rRNA gene sequencing technology, the composition and abundance of bacterial communities from the midgut of shrimp reared in the super-intensive biofloc technology and clear seawater system are identified and compared. Expand
Micropropagation of Eucalyptus cloeziana mature trees
The ex vitro rooting and acclimatisation of micro-cuttings were successful in mini-incubators—adventitious roots formed directly on explants, providing propagules to establish a clonal micro-garden of E. cloeziana select adult trees. Expand