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Testosterone deficiency syndrome — diagnosis and treatment — based on age-related testosterone referent levels
Introduction. Androgen production decreases with men’s age, which is a result of the natural process of ageing. Total testosterone concentration decreases by average 1% a year. This process resultsExpand
Encapsulated urinary extravasation (urinoma) as a late complication of ureterolithotomy and pyelolithotomy.
The authors report three cases of encapsulated urinary extravasation as a late complication of ureterolithotomy and pyelolithotomy. Surgical treatment saved the kidney in two cases, in the third caseExpand
[Renal fistula as preparation for ureteral reconstruction].
A female patient is described in whom during caesarean section the lower segment of the left ureter was injured with development of ureterovaginal fistula and left-sided hydronephrosis. The creationExpand
[Retroperitoneal fibrosis with coincidence of fibrosis in mediastinum].
The case of 41-year-old woman with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease complaining of nonspecific, dull, noncolicky pain localized to the back and abdomen was reported, and retroperitoneal fibrosis was recognised by lumbar mass biopsy. Expand
[The role of clinical examination in early diagnosis of testicular malignancies].
It was found that the most common symptom was painless testicular enlargement (82% of patients), however, there was a very long time between noting of the change by the patient and the beginning of appropriate treatment (on the average about 7.8 months). Expand
Nd:YAG laser in kidney surgery
  • A. Gomuła
  • Materials Science, Engineering
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  • 27 March 1996
The paper presents the way laser light affects tissue, especially kidney tissue. Animal experiments include the use of Nd:YAG laser in kidney surgery. When the outcome of these experiments turned outExpand
Ureteral duplication with a blind-ending branch
Three cases of ureteral duplication with blind-ending branch are described and a survey of the literature pertaining to the statistics, embryology, method of diagnosis and treatment of this urological developmental anomaly is conducted. Expand