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Performance Characteristics of Laser Propulsion Engine Operating both in CW and in Repetitively‐Pulsed Modes
In the paper, the development of a laser propulsion engine efficiently operating under the laser radiation both in CW and in repetitively‐pulsed modes as well as an option of optimal conditions ofExpand
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Three-Phase Zvezda-Type Plasmatrons
A description and the operating characteristics of the high-power alternating current (ac) electric arc plasmatrons are outlined. The method to introduce magnetic rotation of the ac arc root toExpand
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Bromination of UHMWPE surface as a method of changing adhesion to nanoparticles
Abstract Currently, one of the problems in creating polymer nanocomposites (PNC) is controlling the adhesive interaction between the nanoparticles (NPs) and the polymer matrix. This articleExpand
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Thermocyclic testing of heat-resistant coatings at megawatt three-phase plasmatron
Some new types of heat-resistant coatings developed at present were tested for thermal fluxes and temperatures implemented in flame channels of modern rocket engines. The megawatt three-phaseExpand
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The increase of analytic gyrocompass system precision constructed on dynamically turned gyro
The analytic gyrocompass system (AGS) consists of three or two single-axis accelerometers, two components rate gyro based on dynamically turned gyro (DTG) and computer. This type of AGS is the baseExpand
Human Capital as a Basis for the Development of a Modern University
Modern world trends have a significant impact on the university and human capital as an important part of the university. From our point of view, an active process is currently underway and namely itExpand
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Experimental Investigations of Laser Propulsion by Using Gas‐Dynamic Laser
To launch vehicles with using of laser propulsion engines, promising direction is employing powerful Gas‐dynamic Lasers (GDL) operating in a continuous mode. Russian enterprises have enoughExpand
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Bromination of UHMWPE as a way to enhance the interfacial interaction between polymer matrix and inorganic fillers
соответствующей нормативно-правовой базы, проходить сертификацию в России должно стать в разы дешевле, чем проходить заграницей, где, помимо платы за сертификацию, возникают еще и дополнительныеExpand