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Towards a Byzantine ecocriticism: witches and nature control in the medieval Greek romance
Since its rise in the mid-1990s, ecocriticism, the study of the depiction of the built and natural environments in literature, has been deeply engaged with contemporary political and social issues
John Malalas and the Origins of the Allegorical and Novelistic Traditions of the Trojan War in Byzantium
In the sixth century, the Byzantine chronicler John Malalas composed a history of the world from the Biblical story of creation to the author’s own day. The largest narrative unit within this
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‘Go Back to Homer’s Verse’: Iliads of revolution and Odysseys of exile in Albanian Poetry
During the Albanian independence movement (1887–1913), Albanian nationalists sought to forge a new European identity to contrast with their former Ottoman one. The Homeric epics, as canonical Western
Arthur in the East : Cross-Cultural Translations of Arthurian Romances in Greek and Hebrew, Including a New Translation of ‘O Πρέσβυς ‘Iππότης (The Old Knight)
Ὁ Πρέσβυς Ἱππότης (or, O Presbus Ippotes, translated the The Old Knight) and ארטוש†מלך†(Melech Artus, translated King Arthur) are the only extant medieval Arthurian romances in Greek and Hebrew,
Allegories of the Iliad
In the early 1140s, the Bavarian princess Bertha von Sulzbach arrived in Constantinople to marry the Byzantine emperor Manuel Komnenos. Wanting to learn more about her new homeland, the future