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The End of Evolutionary Zionism—Jabotinsky and the Ukrainian Pogroms
The final years of the First World War and the new world order that followed became a transitional period in the life of Vladimir Ze’ev Jabotinsky (1880–1940). During those years he came to transcendExpand
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Menachem Begin and Gahal in the run-up to the June 1967 war
Abstract This article discusses the causes and processes that drove Menachem Begin and his Gahal party into the Israeli cabinet during the three-week waiting period preceding the June 1967 war (orExpand
Half-heartedly: Menachem Begin and the establishment of the Likud Party
ABSTRACT This article seeks to add another dimension to the growing and extensive research on right-wing Zionism, by returning to an era when the Likud was first created. I will examine the majorExpand
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Menachem Begin and the question of the settlements: 1967–1977
This paper has sought to examine Menachem Begin’s considerations on the issue of the settlements in the territories occupied by Israel in the decade prior to his becoming prime minister. In those y...
"We Have a Rendezvous With Destiny"—The Rise and Fall of the Liberal Alternative
The struggle between the workers' parties and the right-wing Revisionists took an increasingly central place in Zionist history beginning in the 1930s. The Labor Movement gained political hegemonyExpand
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The Kibbutz and the Development Town: The Economic Dimension of Their Reciprocal Relations—The Case of the Hula Valley
ABSTRACT:The article examines the socio-economic interaction between the kibbutzim of the Upper Galilee and Kiryat Shmona during the first decade of the town’s existence. The main considerationExpand
Olei Hagardom: Between official and popular memory
This article examines the interaction between official memory and popular memory through the case study of Olei Hagardom – Jewish underground fighters executed by the British in Mandatory Palestine.Expand
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Haaretz newspaper, the capitalist agenda and Menachem Begin’s political legitimacy
Abstract During the 1960s, the Haaretz newspaper was a staunch supporter of the key political decisions made by Menachem Begin, thus playing a significant role in reinforcing his legitimacy and thatExpand
On collective assertiveness and activism during the immigration process: a case study of Yemenite immigrants who founded Kiryat Shmona – 1949–1953
Abstract This article focuses on the ways in which over 200 families of Yemenite immigrants, who founded the city of Kiryat Shmona, the development town situated at the edge of Israel's NorthernExpand
Partial establishment – Menachem Begin, Gahal and the Black Panthers
ABSTRACT This paper aims to shed further light on the response of Israeli society to the rise of the Black Panthers in 1971 by examining the attitude adopted by Menachem Begin and Gahal to theExpand