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Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Limits on The Photon Mass
We give a review of methods used to set a limit on the mass $\ensuremath{\mu}$ of the photon. Direct tests for frequency dependence of the speed of light are discussed, along with more sensitiveExpand
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Photon and graviton mass limits
Efforts to place limits on deviations from canonical formulations of electromagnetism and gravity have probed length scales increasing dramatically over time. Historically, these studies have passedExpand
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Statistical models of fragmentation processes
Abstract A model with minimal correlations among nucleon momenta agrees well with refined data on fragment momentum distributions resulting from peripheral nucleus-nucleus collisions. The postulatesExpand
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Mass of the graviton
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The scattering of an electric charge from a magnetic monopole is discussed in a way which explicitly incorporates conservation of angular momentum. The Dirac quantization condition for the physicalExpand
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A modified skyrmion
Abstract The Skyrme effective lagrangian is generalized to include a term simulating the effects of ω mesons. With this generalization, it is possible to reproduce a number of properties of singleExpand
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Effects of calcium-channel blockade in older patients with diabetes and systolic hypertension. Systolic Hypertension in Europe Trial Investigators.
BACKGROUND Recent reports suggest that calcium-channel blockers may be harmful in patients with diabetes and hypertension. We previously reported that antihypertensive treatment with theExpand
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The contribution of explicit field terms appearing in the Lagrangian (Chern-Simons terms and θ-terms) to the calculation of particle statistics is analyzed. The Chern-Simons term halves theExpand
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