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Description and SEM Observations of Meloidogyne chitwoodi n. sp. (Meloidogynidae), a Root-knot Nematode on Potato in the Pacific Northwest.
This new species resembles M. hapla, but its perineal pattern is basically round to oval with distinctive and broken, curled, or twisted striae around and above the anal area. Expand
A key and diagnostic compendium to the species of the genus pratylenchus filipjev, 1936 (lesion nematodes).
A compendium of the most diagnostic characters to be used directly in identification of species is included as a practical alternative and supplement to the key. Expand
Effects of Rapeseed and Vetch as Green Manure Crops and Fallow on Nematodes and Soil-borne Pathogens.
In a rapeseed-squash cropping system, Meloidogyne incognita and M. javanica survived in fallow plots in the absence of a host from October to May each year at a level sufficient to warrant the use of a nematicide to manage nematodes on the following susceptible crop. Expand
An illustrated key to the cyst-forming genera and species of heteroderidae in the Western hemisphere with species morphometrics and distribution.
Diagnoses of the cyst-forming genera of Heteroderidae and distribution and morphometrics of the 34 known cyst species in the Western Hemisphere are presented along with an illustrated key for the identification of these genera and species. Expand
On the Taxonomy and Morphology of the Pine Wood Nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Steiner &Buhrer 1934) Nickle 1970.
Based upon typical morphological characters of original specimens of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Steiner and Buhrer 1934) Nickle 1970 that were rediscovered in the USDA Nematode Collection and genetic crosses among the Japanese and American nematode populations, it was concluded that they are all the same species. Expand