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Smalltalk-80: The Language and Its Implementation
From the Preface (See Front Matter for full Preface) Advances in the design and production of computer hardware have brought many more people into direct contact with computers. Expand
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Smalltalk-80 - the interactive programming environment
This book describes the process by which Smalltalk was introduced to people outside Xerox PARC, where it was developed. Expand
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SmallTalk 80: The Language
From the Publisher: This book, a revision of Smalltalk-80: the Language and its Implementation, includes the latest developments and newest features of Smalltalk-80 Version 2. The first part of theExpand
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Romantic relationships in adolescence: The role of friends and peers in their emergence and development.
The romantic preoccupations of adolescent youth – meeting potential partners, negotiating new situations, and learning the norms and nuances of love relationships – are central to the socialExpand
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Mixed‐Gender Groups, Dating, and Romantic Relationships in Early Adolescence
This study examined dating-stage and developmental-contextual models of romantic relationships during early adolescence. Same-gender friendships, affiliation with mixed-gender groups, dating, andExpand
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Personal Dynamic Media
The Learning Research Group at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center is concerned with all aspects of the communication and manipulation of knowledge. Expand
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Construction grammar.
Construction grammar, or constructionist approaches more generally, emphasize the function of particular constructions as well as their formal properties. Constructions vary in their degree ofExpand
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Succeeding With Objects: Decision Frameworks for Project Management
This invaluable guide clearly outlines the necessary decisions and issues to consider before employing objects for software development projects. It is filled with practical advice distilled from theExpand
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Conceptions of Cross-Sex Friendships and Romantic Relationships in Early Adolescence
Adolescents' conceptions of cross-sex friendships and romantic relationships were explored in a sample of 1755 adolescent boys and girls ranging in age from 9 to 14 years. These adolescents uniquelyExpand
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Smalltalk-80 : 言語詳解
第1部 (オブジェクトとメッセージ;構文;クラスとインスタンス;サブクラス;メタクラス) 第2部 (全てのオブジェクトに対するプロトコル;尺度;数値クラス;クラスCollectionのプロトコル;コレクションクラスの階層;Collectionを使った3つの例題;Streamsのプロトコル ほか) 第3部Expand
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